Personal Training

Available at Body Tech are individualized and/or group personal training sessions with one of our certified personal trainers. Are you thinking about hiring a personal trainer? All of our qualified personal trainers will not only monitor your form and technique, but they will also help you develop your goals, provide accountability, and keep you motivated. You will be provided with a comprehensive fitness assessment. Your trainer will assess your current fitness levels, including a general health screening, fitness history, and movement assessment. Group and package discounts are available. Ask the front desk or visit the Personal Trainer and Nutrition Center for more information.

Fitness, Health, & Wellness Programming

Whether you want to lose weight or get in shape for serious competitive sports, Body Tech’s trainers can help you achieve all of your goals. Training programs include:

Weight Loss / Weight Management Programs

• Adults        • Children       • Individual        • Groups



Sadie Wells, RD, LDN is a registered and licensed dietitian-nutritionist with a unique professional and educational background in nutrition that allows her to approach your needs from a much more fitness-minded and holistic point of view.  She also holds an advanced Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management accredited by the American Dietetics Association and a FirstLine Therapy Certification.

Sadie currently works as a nutrition therapist and motivational coach to assist those looking to improve their mind, body and overall health and wellness through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Her services include hydration & body composition testing (bioimpedance analysis), cholesterol and glucose testing, comprehensive nutritional assessments, individualized meal planning, customized menu development, medical food programs & nutraceutical supplementation, individual and group accountability programs, detoxification and cleansing programs.  She also offers group and corporate services including but not limited to: seminars, classes, workshops, and wellness programs.

If you have specific nutritional concerns or desire a comprehensive lifestyle management program, (see programs)

Call Sadie for a free consultation to determine a program customized just for you!
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