Yoga instructors

Kristen-EatonKristin Eaton

Kristin Eaton played around with yoga classes here and there until she finally realized the profound affect on her physical body and over all well being. At that point Kristin dove head first into the depths of a wide variety of teacher trainings and intensives thus giving her the honor and privilege to study under numerous influential and respected yoga teachers from all around the globe. Kristin is a 200 hour RYT with additional certifications in Yoga Therapeutics, Yoga for Kids & Yoga for the Pelvic Floor. While Kristin’s foundation is Iyengar based which is incredibly rigid and specific, her Anusara background inspires her daily to teach with a sense of playfulness encouraging each student to view their practice with childlike wonder. Each day our poses are different. If we pay attention to the sensations in our body instead of seeking perfection, we find freedom and possibility. We discover our own innate magic! Every class is a unique experience promising students greater strength and flexibility through proper alignment. Kristin wishes for you to come explore, play, get curious. giggle, laugh, smile and BE INSPIRED. That’s how we Align and Shine!

temp-headshotKit Lee

My yoga journey began at my local health club. I have always loved group fitness, from step aerobics to pilates to zumba. Then came yoga, and I was hooked. Whether it was Ashtanga, Bikram, or Vinyasa Flow, yoga became all that I really wanted to do, and in truth, all that I really needed for exercise. However, it wasn’t until yoga teacher training that I came to appreciate yoga not only as a physical challenge, but also as a mental and spiritual journey that reaches beyond the studio walls. The embrace of the yoga community encourages one to share what is good. And Yoga is good. That is why I teach.

Taressa-LeonardoTaressa Leonardo

Taressa started practicing yoga over eight years ago. Her love of yoga drove her to complete 200 hours certification at Moksha Yoga in Chicago in October 2014. She actively pursues her passion for yoga through instruction and continued study with master teachers; such as, Tias Little, AadilPalkhivala and Gabriel Halpern. Through her studies Vinyasa flow blended with Hatha yoga became her teaching style along with Pranayama (breath exercises ). She encourages her students to have more awareness of their body and mind through breath. When Taressa is not practicing yoga, she is with her family and dog, Wrigley. She also enjoys reading, tennis, golf, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

Heather-VisalliHeather Visalli, RYT 200hr

What started as a 30 day yoga commitment has blossomed into an undeniable passion to share yoga. Heather completed her YTT with Brenda Temme through Life Power Yoga. She loves to bring her fiery open spirit to the studio by sharing challenging, uplifting classes to flowing upbeat music. She strives to share yoga with an intention of connecting with others to tap into that energy that is in all of us to unlock your authentic self…one breath at a time.

Lisa-HickeyLisa Hickey

Lisa is excited to help guide her students to finding inner peace and calmness as well as expanding their knowledge on what yoga has to offer as not only exercise, but as a lifestyle! Lisa recently completed her 200 hour teacher training at LifePower Yoga with Brenda Temme. Lisa began practicing yoga about twelve years ago. She went in thinking it was simply going to be a nice shake-up in her regular work-out routine, however; she walked out realizing this practice was going to have a big impact, not only on her fitness routine, but on her life as a whole. Yoga has brought a great deal of peace and inner happiness into her life and learns more about herself each time she comes to the mat. She has always been into health and wellness, but becoming a regular practitioner of yoga has enhanced that part of her life even more.

Jaye-headshotJaye Dehn

Jaye is passionate about yoga and hopes that passion spills over into her teaching. She received her 200 hour teaching certificate (CYT) through Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago and has been teaching since 2008. The various teachers in her life have brought both mindfulness and openness into her life and teaching style. Jaye has been amazed by the healing effects of yoga and encourages her students to explore the connection that yoga can create in the body, mind and spirit.

Angie MistinaAngie Mistina, CYT-200

I started practicing yoga by accident in 1999 with the purchase of a clearance rack DVD. After just a few sessions, I realized there was something transformative and special about this practice. I spent several years exploring many different types of yoga before completing my 200 hour training in 2012 with R.R. Shakti of Yoga World Reach, Inner Power Yoga. In 2014, I earned my B.A. in Yoga Studies at DePaul University. My teaching focuses on experiencing the joy of the present moment by bringing awareness to the body, mind and spirit. I am committed to bringing yoga to everyone; regardless of age, experience or physical limitations.

Jenn Christiansen, CYT-200Jenn Christiansen, CYT-200

My yogic journey began shortly after becoming a mother. What began as a physical practice driven by the ego evolved into a practice of physical and emotional healing. Through the catharsis of breath, a lot of sweat, and tears, I am learning to accept myself exactly as I am at that moment. One breath at a time.

By shifting the focus from the movement to the breath rather than the postures, an entirely new experience arises . . . once you connect with the breath, you become more mindful of your body, thus more mindful in your practice. By synchronizing movement with your breath, you are able to use the postures to get into your body rather than using your body to get into the postures.

However the real revelation comes beyond the realm of one’s mat. We all experience those moments in life that literally take our breath away, triggering the acute stress response which in turn elevates the heart rate and blood pressure. When we can pause and come to our breath, we can disengage the acute stress response and avoid reacting in order to provide a mindful response.

I do not simply teach the practice; I share it in hopes of building a mindful and compassionate community – not just towards one another, but also towards ourselves. As such, I provide modifications and variations to allow each student to honor his/her own body at that given moment.

I received my 200-hour certification in Ashtanga-Vinyasa from the Center for Yoga with Jonny Kest in Birmingham, MI. I also continue to enhance my practice by attending yoga festivals, trainings, workshops, classes with master instructors, and I am continuously learning from fellow yogi/nis.

Nicole SchneiderJenn Christiansen, CYT-200

Nicole considers herself a lifelong student, both on and off her mat. She strives for continuous growth and has discovered transformation through her yoga journey – physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. She believes in the power of connecting breath, mind and movement through yoga.

An athlete all her life – playing volleyball, soccer and marathon running – Nicole was devastated after suffering a volleyball injury which led to two ACL knee surgeries and difficult rehabilitation. Yoga has brought tremendous healing, strength, serenity, awareness and authentic truth in her life.

Nicole’s compassion, positivity and love of music shine through in her classes and she hopes to help others discover their edge and their own transformation through yoga. Nicole invites everyone to join her in “being the change that we want to see in the world” and living their yoga.

Brendan McGuireBrendan McGuire

Like a muse, my family, friends and instructors have inspired me to strive my best in everything I do. This includes my teaching, and through application of asana (pose), pranayama (breath), and dhyana (meditation) I hope to renew and invigorate the relationship between my students and their bodies as best as I can. My class’ goal is to challenge my students physically and mentally through a moving meditation on their mat. These classes are taught with many hands on applications and little demonstration. Because yoga has affected me so greatly in my life, I hope my yogic lifestyle influences others to pursue what they can do the best at.

Charlie PranckusCharlie Pranckus

Charlie has been practicing yoga for over three years. Charlie came to this practice after experiencing minor injuries from his football and rugby careers. Charlie discovered the miraculous healing powers of yoga that provided him with the strength, flexibility & balance he had always strived to achieve through other modalities. Charlie’s teachers have inspired him to be the kind of teacher that encourages his students to immerse themselves in exploring the nuances of a pose for extended periods of time and moving through the postures consciously and deliberately by mindfully placing the body in a pose as opposed to letting habitual patterns run the show. For Charlie a ‘mindful’ practice entails being sensitive to the sensations that arise. By paying attention & acting mindfully, one engages the muscles deliberately in order to create space and freedom so that the body comes to an equanimous state of harmony, balance and peace.