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In our commitment to superior member service, we have instituted a 30 day integration program called SureFit Personal Assistance. The SureFit program is unique to Body Tech. It provides a new member with their own personal trainer for a full 30 days to help get them started correctly and confidently. This program is designed to increase the member’s chance for success. The trainer will: provide guidance in how the club works, help them be comfortable with their workouts, introduce them to staff and some members, show them different offerings of the club, and get the member grounded on the basics. All of this is free of charge.

**Where else would you get a personal trainer assigned to you for 30 days, FREE?!

Included in the SureFit Personal Assistance program is a complimentary Nutrition Evaluation with a Registered, Licensed Dietitian. The dietitian will evaluate each member’s nutritional needs through detailed discussion of their health and fitness goals, review of food journals, and any other nutritional concerns as stated by the member. Specific recommendations will be provided to encourage the member to meet their health and fitness goals, hydration requirements, and improve overall nutritional status. Additional supplementation recommendations will be provided as necessary.

To conclude the session, the member will also be informed on how to further customize or individualize their program to meet their specific goals and get the best results. This evaluation appointment will be scheduled for approximately 1 hour and is by appointment only.

Again, this is part of our commitment to member service. Ask the front desk for details.

** The Surefit program is 1 session a week for 4 weeks

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