Boot Camp Training

Everybody’s Bootcamp

boxingAn extreme military-inspired workout, built on fundamentals of cardio, strength, core, and agility. With a mix of cardio and strength building circuits with little rest, this bootcamp will target your whole body to burn off as much fat as possible!



Core Plus More

A combination of traditional body sculpting methods using free weights, resistance bands, balls and your own body!  This class focuses on some low impact cardio, strength, movement and balance challenges through the use of the body’s core muscles.  We will work on the abs, back, glutes, shoulders, and much more.  A strong core leads to a strong body, better posture, and a better self-awareness.  Sculpt your midsection as you improve your body’s overall functional strength, balance, and coordination.

Cardio Conditioning Express

Starting on Monday, December 9th, we will be adding another class ,
Cardio Conditioning Express9:15 – 10:00am

An extreme cardio workout for the total body. Incorporating a variety of formats such as Bootcamp, Kickbox, Circuit, and Tabata….will guarantee to push you to your limits!

Classes will consist of targeting strength, core, stability, cardio, plyometrics, and agility.

*This is an express class……only 45 minutes in duration…..don’t let that fool you!

Our current 9:00am Cycle class will be moved to the 11:00-12:00 time slot….

Having trouble making it to the earlier morning cardio classes?
Try our Cycle class at its new time slot offered on Monday at 11:00am …starting on Monday, December 9th.